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Are You Paralized at the Thought of Speaking in Public?

At Last! Answers and Step-by-Step Guidelines to Use to MASTER Your Public Speaking.

Practical Guidelines for Breakthrough Performance

Overcoming the Fear of

Discover HOW to deal effectively with relaxation, breathing, vocal exercises and MORE, to master the art and science of speech in public and public speaking.

Uncover secrets of articulation, tonality, voice modulations, projection and other vocal techniques, that can help you become a public speaking expert!

Find insights into the workings or your vocal arsenal, including your vocal organs, like your chest, lungs, glottis, soft and hard palate, lips, teeth, tongue and MORE!

Discover The Tips, Tricks, Tactics & Secrets YOU Need, To Be Able to WOW an audience and give a successful speech, with confidence and competence on your side!

Learn how to apply your fundamental public speaking skills, to be the BEST SPEAKER THAT YOU CAN POSSIBLY BE!

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Dear Friend,

For many of us speaking in public is an ordeal or a frightening thought at best. We contemplate how to do it better, next time and then yet again have mediocre success, not doing anything really meaningful or systematic, to improving it at all.

We are oftentimes surprised by the detail, time and effort required for refining, honing, harnessing, leveraging and optimizing our public speaking skills in a planned, methodical manner.

There are so many things in these types of processes you wish you knew beforehand. This guide tries to provide you with as much information you need upfront to enable and empower your public speaking engagement and get you the results and success you want, need and deserve.

1. These handy checklists, recommended exercises can go a long way in preparing you for gathering information ,organization and selecting it, as well as memorizing it. It will take you through the steps from start to finish on what and how to plan for and execute a speech and public speaking engagement to the best of your ability.

2. HERE, you have found a comprehensive guide dealing with every aspect of public speaking, including:

  • THE NUTS AND BOLTS OF SPEECH, Paying close attention to all vocal elements: Enabling Breathing, Harnessing your vocal physical utilities, Vocal routines and care
  • The role and use of Pauses, Emphasis, Voice tone and Inflection
  • Effective Application of Speech Techniques like Visioning, Focus, Keeping things simple, Honesty and Humility in both preparation and delivery
  • Aim & Purpose, Intent, Confidence and dealing effectively with emotions in public speaking
  • The what and how of public speaking
  • How to get things together and the dynamic synergy of all the Physical, Mental and Moral Aspects of Speech
  • How to go about Gathering Materials: Arranging, Briefing, Committing it to memory
  • The Nature and Characteristics of the Presentation and Delivery
  • Stages of speech - divisions, structure and sections of the speech delivery namely, Introduction, Discussion, Statement of facts, conclusion and Ending.
  • It enables you to ask and answer some tough questions about public speaking, like:
    • i. Who is listening?
      ii. How do I start?
      iii. How do I proceed and what do I do next?
      iv. What are the highlights of my message?
      v. How do I close? What do I do afterwards and when I am done?
  • It provides you with opportunities to exercise and practice vocal techniques that will improve your public speaking skills
  • There is a whole section in this guide focused exclusively on FLEXING YOUR VOCAL DEXTERITY, RANGE AND MUSCLE, by mastering
    • Sounds
    • Words
    • Practical Routines
    • Mis-Speakings!
    • Other Errors And Mistakes
    • ‘Voicing’ And Using My Voice & Other Vocalizing/Public Speech Exercises… and much, much MORE!

Through this guide you will discover which exercises and techniques work best for you. You will also definitely learn that some of it is very easy to master, that others take time and some development and refinement will never really end. This guide will help you address areas that you specifically identify that you want to work on and improve.

If you want to be successful as a public speaker, there are lots that you can do to actually make a difference. You can customize and work out a personalized plan and solution that is just right for your needs and requirements. Get ready to impress , succeed and be the best public speaker you can be!


You need NOT feel intimidated and overwhelmed by the demands and tasks, intricacies and complexities of public speaking!

We will highlight exactly what you need to know in order to proceed successfully. You can personally do a lot to protect and enable your processes and outcomes.
Whether you are a beginner or seasoned professional, there will be something of value in this guide for you too! Pass on the wisdom and share the insights with others that you know will benefit too!

This ‘how to’ guide will help you get to the bottom of the role the different parts of your body plays in delivering a great public context speech with precision and confident delivery.

Get all the facts and information you will need to make the most of deep breathing, voice and sound articulation and the use of your voice or instrument, to the best of your ability and full potential.


At the very beginning, we learn more about how the discipline of a daily exercise time is essential and can help you. Mastering the fundamentals will give you a strong foundation for work from and build on. More essential, you will really learn what and why you are effectively doing these exercises.

To get you started, 15 minutes will go a long way to get some of the introductory and preparatory work done and under your belt. Allow some extra time for yourself to work on the things and areas that you have identified as important.

This new, easy-read guide brings you myriads of handy tips, tricks, techniques and secrets you need to know to master your public speaking art and science.

Here’s just some of what you will learn by reading this amazing ebook:

  • How to apply fundamental basic fundamental knowledge to breathing and relaxing, posture and other vocal secrets.

  • Tips and tricks on how to deal with the intricacies and complexities of the public speaking preparation and execution process.

  • You will learn about outlines, content strategies, organization, delivery steps and execution steps that will all work and come together to help you deliver the best public speaking you are capable of and BEYOND! Immigration specialists and how they can help

  • How to choose the right and most appropriate content and how to put it together effectively so you do not lose your audience along the way

  • What to look out for in the vocal expression process itself, how to stack the odds in your favor to success anytime and every time!

  • What to do and what NOT to do in public speaking contexts

  • You will be able to diagnose both problem and solution regarding vocal issues, pauses, emphasis, voice intonation, modulation and inflection, envisioning, focused concentration, spontaneity, conversation and dialogue skills can all help you become a better public speaker.

If you are ready to deal and cope with your application(s) at hand or helping out someone else, this is the ultimate guide for you.

As the author of this practical guide is it my wish for you that it brings you numerous valuable insights and words of wisdom to put to work in your life and work and contribute meaningfully to your public speaking mastery! There are many secrets and tactics that have worked extremely well for numerous others, novices and experts alike by eliminating, removing or getting rid of common mistakes and oversights, not fall into the same unfortunate errors or embarrassments, even failures in and at public speaking events and we wanted to pull some of the treads together.

Like you, I value the entrusted leadership role of the public speaker to influence, shape and inspire others. I know you do too! It took patience and persistence and sifting through hours worth of pages and documentation, BUT WAS WORTH IT! We sincerely hope that you will benefit from any, some or all of the information provided here.


You no longer have to FEAR any aspect or area of Public Speaking! The answers and solutions are all here! You have within you, what it takes to Master this unique speaking art.

When you get your ebook you will benefit right away from

  • A quick overview of all the things to bear in minds and consider when you embark on improving your public speaking skills.
  • Physical, technical, emotional and practical aspects of public speaking that can help/hinder the process, delivery and outcome.
  • Making sense of the intricacies of vocal techniques
  • How to work everyday to improve and develop your public speaking skills and actually get somewhere!
  • The three aspects of conversation and dialogue: Physical, mental and moral.


How to make sense of all the different types of vocal exercises and techniques to master, like:

Keeping it simple

Being sincere, earnest and honest

Having a purpose, intent and goal in mind as you set out on public speaking

Speaking up with confidence and competence

Effectively dealing with emotions

The nature and dynamics of content and delivery of speeches and public speaking in genera

How to use knowledge, rhetoric and creativitiy

The audience, the beginning and end of your speech, the highlights and logic, closing remarks and general guidelines that will see you through any and every public speaking challenge that you will ever face.


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Basic knowledge and competence will enable you make the most of your process and get the results that you need, want and deserve.

Making the most of sounds and articulation, inflection, projection and enunciation.

How appearance, first impressions and stage presence can help or hurt you, non-verbal cues and gestures and their effective use

Knowledge and rhetoric

Memory and creativity, resourcefulness, vocabulary and reading

Imagination, personality and a unique individual style can all help you develop your public speaking niche.

Character, sympathy and persistence will help you get better at public speaking over time

And much, much more!.

If you choose to BEST prepare and arm yourself with the fundamentals of this process, you will set yourself up for success and easily and master the art and science of public speaking.

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public speaking skills? … GET THE EBOOK NOW!

So, come learn and discover MORE about:

• Different classes and types of vocal skills, techniques, competencies and abilities that you have and can practice daily to get better at what you do!

• Which type of elementary sound drills, vocabulary lists, readings out loud, syllabication, articulation exercises, alliteration and miss-speaking, pronunciation and other errors and problems you need to work on to effectively improve your public speaking skills.

• Vocal defects, problems and issues relating to Breath, Throat and Nasal issues.

• Voice purity, flexibility, resonance, clarity and volume, modulation and quality can make all the difference in the world, regardless of your level of proficiency.

Learn Everything You Need to Know

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