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Dear Friend,

It's your special day. Do you want a ceremony that looks and feels just like everyone else's wedding? Or one that has your fingerprints all over it?

More and more couples are deciding that not only is it more fun to have a themed wedding, it can also be cheaper as well.

If you want to join this fun and affordable new trend, than this may be the most important letter you ever read.

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When your parents and friends most likely had traditional weddings, who do you ask for advice for a themed wedding? Do you know anyone who's gone through the experience of creating a unique and more personal wedding?

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In my 50 page ebook, "How To Plan A Theme Wedding," you'll find sound advice for planning and pulling off the perfect (low-cost) themed wedding.

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How using wedding themes can actually cut costs. (Pages 3-4)

How wedding favors can cheaply brighten up your theme (with examples). (Page 5)

Tips for choosing a fantastic yet still practical theme. (Pages 5-7)

48 sample wedding themes to choose from or help you brainstorm. (Pages 8-9)

The 2 best places to search for your wedding location and examples of making theme weddings work in creative settings. (Pages 10-11)

15 most important, expert tips for planning a themed wedding... these are often the most forgotten as well. (Pages 11-13)

2 outlined and detailed wedding themes complete with costs and sample decorating instructions. (Pages 13-26)

10 quick tips for cutting wedding theme costs. (Pages 26-28)

6 ways to save money on photography and video. (Pages 28-29)

10 ways to keep the cost of food and catering manageable. (Pages 29-30)

Should you hire a wedding planner? (Pages 30-31)

7 things to find out about a wedding planner before you hire them. (Page 32)

A detailed, step-by-step 12 month planning checklist... to make sure you leave nothing to chance. (Pages 33-39)

7 ways wedding planning software can help you plan the perfect theme wedding. (Page 40)

19 top strategies for planning the wedding shower. (Pages 41-43)

9 common planning mistakes and how to avoid them. (Pages 43-45)

How to save money AND add to the atmosphere with a backyard wedding. (Pages 45-47)

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