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Dear Poker Player,

Heart pounding action... hilarious tension... new friends and hours of fun! Those are just SOME of the reasons to play poker.

My guess is you already have friends who play on a regular basis. But you're either too nervous to sit down with them or tired of losing all the time.

Hey, don't worry! It happens to everyone. Learning is part of the game. BUT! You don't have to learn by getting beat up at the table every night. Instead you can spend a few minutes at your PC getting "poker smart" before every game you play...

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Armed with only the simplest poker strategies, you'll be ready to do battle with most folks at your home games. Or even local casinos!

Just learning these three things will make a huge difference...

The poker hands to play and the hands to fold.

The secret to a great “Poker Face”.

How to play the basic odds so you don't go broke.

Once you're familiar with these factors (and a bit more I'll tell you about), you're ready to play...

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Imagine if you won your very next poker game... how would that make you feel?

In my 52 page ebook, "How To Play Poker” I reveal easy-to-understand poker rules, strategies and odds (that  your friends may still be trying to figuring out).

You can get this book in just minutes from now when you click the button near the bottom of this page. It's 100% downloadable so you can gain “poker smarts” in time for tonight’s game. is just SOME of the poker secrets you'll find inside:

Unravel Poker Basics.  How to play “5 Card Stud”.  Pages (5 -11)

Discover the best 52-card Poker decks to play with.  (Page 5)

Master Poker Card Value Order from Aces to Twos. (Pages 5-6)

The 10 Poker Hands you need to know. Revealed in Plain English.  Examples Included. (Pages 6-11)

Secrets that make the game friendly, upbeat and keep money in your pockets. (Page 12)

6 Step by Step Real Card Play Examples. (Pages 13-18)

Poker Rounds that begin with an ante (ann-tee).  Find out why. (Page 13)

How to deal cards in poker and decide who goes first. (Page 13)

Simple rules to making your bets.  When to raise.  When to wait. (Pages 14-15)

Figuring how good your hand is. (Page 15)

Unraveling the other players’ cards. (Page 16-17)

Figuring out who wins and what they win. (Pages 17-18)

3 Points to consider before folding a hand. (Page 18)

Steps to winning big $$$ with a good hand.  First you make them stay in the hand. (Page 19)

How a player competes using high-pressure. (Page 20)

Detect player types from bluffin’ & aggressive to tight and honest.  Discover the playing style that wins most.   (Pages 20-21)

2 Bluffing goals and how to have a “poker face”. (Page 22)

“You’re Bluffin’, I know it.”  How to find Bluffers. (Pages 22-23)

Poker Lingo.  Fit in and look like you’re an ACE. (Pages 23-24)

How to play Texas Hold ‘em.  The most popular poker game of today.   (Pages 26-28)

Play Omaha Li Lo.  A fun variation of Texas Hold ‘em.  The highest and lowest hands win the pot!  (Pages 28-29)

7 Card Stud.  Another popular and fun game to play.  Discover how. (Pages 29-31)

Caribbean Stud. (Pages 31-32)

Secrets to hiding your hand.  How not to smile, bounce, raise your eyebrows when dealt an awesome hand.  (Pages 34-35)

Betting strategy.  The more unpredictable- the better.  (Pages 35-36)

Ace Card Promises.  The most common mistake in poker.  (Page 36)

Uncover players’ betting strategy so you can read ‘em like a hawk.   (Pages 36-37)

Basic poker strategy for BEGINNERS. (Pages 38-42)

2 Card combos that increase your winning chance by 31%. (Page 38)

Knowing the odds is power.  Take a look at the poker hand odds chart.  Chances of getting a royal flush are 1 in 649,739.  Not a good hand to bluff.  (Pages 40-42)

Online Poker.  How to get started.  Poker websites you can trust.  (Pages 42-44)

How to detect a bluffer in online poker games.  (Pages 49-50)

Watch great poker strategy live- for free. (Page 48)

Online Rings and Tournaments.  The perfect place for beginners to practice.  (Pages 45-46)

And there’s MUCH more – guaranteed!

Imagine How Much Fun It'll
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You’ll bet or fold each hand based on the odds. You'll find out when you can bluff your friends out of a pot... and when you can't. And you’ll make it VERY difficult for them to steal your pots.

Playing will be twice as fun because your game play will be perfectly clear.

You’ll win more money by having skill on your side.

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PS Poker is a fun game.  If you know how to play.

I really think you’ll enjoy the heart pounding action, the hilarious tension and hours of fun.  But only if you can be an active player.  Avoid “playing like a fool” and start your poker career off with a bang.  Discover your winning poker strategy today.

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