Attn: All Women!
If You Had To, Could You Fight Off Your Attacker?

Imagine this...

A man comes up behind you. He grabs you. What do you do? Think about it.

You're in a shopping mall parking lot. You load your car. A man shoves you in and closes the door behind him. No one can see or hear you through the other cars. What do you do?

You're sitting near the back of a city bus. A man sits next to you. You're blocked in.

He covers your mouth and puts his hands all over you. The bus driver is watching the road and doesn't see. What do you do?

These situations happen everyday to women just like you. Most women don't know what to do.. and become victims to serious injuries, emotional lifelong scars and sadly, even death.

Would you know what to do... if it were YOU in the 3 tight spots above?

If you're not sure... If you're not aware of PROVEN DEFENSES to avoid or get out of these dangerous situations, then this letter just may save your life someday.

Dear Friend,

In the United States, every two minutes a woman is raped.

If you were attacked tomorrow, would you be prepared to fend off the attacker? Would you be able to escape?

In your daily routine there are many opportunities for a man to attack you. It's a scary truth. In your home, in your car, on the street, in a taxi, on a subway... these are all places where you have a chance of being attacked.

Maybe you have thought of practicing self-defense for these very reasons... but you haven't had the time, or the extra money for classes.

But without the slightest clue on how to stun a man long enough to get away... YOU are a sitting duck (A kick to the groin fails all the time).

And the worst part of it is, men can usually sense when a woman is clueless about defense... and you become their next target.

Every women in the world should know how to defend themselves against unwanted aggression. This includes you!

Discover Battle-Tested Tactics For Self Defense That Work!

If you want to find out how to defend yourself, then here's your chance to practice self-defense from the comfort of your own home.

In my special report, 50 Self Defense Tips for Women, I teach you how to recognize, avoid and get out of dangerous situations and violent attacks.

Here is just a sample of what you'll learn to keep you guarded:

Important facts about violent attacks in the U.S. every woman must know. (Pages 4-5)

How likely are you to get attacked? Why you need a defense plan. (Page 6)

How to drastically reduce your chance of getting raped or violently attacked. (Pages 6-10)

How I-pods, head phones and cell phones can make you an easy target. (Page 8)

Why it's okay to be rude and listen to your gut feelings. (Page 9)

Recognizing situations that could turn bad and how to get out of them quick. (Page 9)

How to get a "Mugger" to avoid you. (Pages 10-11)

When it's safe and when it's dangerous to dress in revealing clothing (Page 12)

How to keep your guard up around men you know. (Pages 12-13)

Secrets to letting a potential attacker know that you are not an "easy" target. (Page 13)

Two reasons you should always maintain eye contact with everyone around you. (Page 13)

When you should run and when you should fight back. And how to decide within seconds. (Page 15-16)

5 Weapons you have on your body and how to use them. (Pages 16-18)

5 Places to hit your attacker that will hurt him/her. (Pages 19-21)

How and why you should practice defense moves. (Pages 22-23)

Training your brain to recognize ordinary objects that can be weapons. (Pages 24-29)

How to use spray when your being attacked (can you get the lid off with one hand?) (Pages 26-27)

Crippling angle hits to use on your attacker. (Page 30)

The crucial body parts to strike your attacker. (Page 30)

3 Tips for staying safe while riding a bus. (Pages 33-36)

How to travel safely on trains and other railways. (Page 37)

Taxis, Cars & Parking lots- precautions you must know. (Pages 38-46)

How to Jog the Safe Way. (Pages 47-48)

How to avoid being stalked for an attack. (Page 49)

And much, much more.

Refuse To Be A Victim!

When practicing self-defense, you'll be amazed by:

The natural boost in your self-esteem, confidence and body.

Your increased ability to be assertive in all situations.

Your enhanced awareness of your surroundings.

Every day that you walk on a street, jog in a park, park in a parking lot, you need to know basic self-defense.

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Thanks for reading,

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