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The Demand For
Quality Day Cares
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Day Care is a booming business. Both in the home and commercial areas. Why? Because now more than ever both household parents are working. And the number of single parent homes continues to grow.

As you may know, parents have a hard time leaving their children to be raised by others. And they will fork out a ton of cash to make sure their child is in a loving, safe and nurturing environment.

That's why it is common for home day care businesses to bring in $40-50,000 a year.

Running a daycare is your chance to turn your love for children into an exciting business that gives you total control of your life.

So, where to begin?

If you're even curious about setting up a profitable day care business your first step is information.

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Here's is just a sample of what you'll discover...

How to check day care demand in your area. (Page 6-7)

5 Responsibilities parents expect you to take care of. (Pages 8-9)

Why parents will choose your home over corporate day cares. (Page 10)

Discover what will make a day care into a profitable success for you. (Pages 12-13)

Find out how much space you need. (Page 14)

How many children are you legally able to watch? Find this out and other regulations you should check for. (Page 15)

Investment money a problem? Fantastic ways to start small and grow! (Page 16)

Don't have a place? 5 Great locations you probably haven't thought of. (Page 17)

Successful business plans to model. (Page 19)

Sponsors! How to find people that will support you with cash as you start out. (Pages 20-21)

Discover how to run your day care and get someone else to take care of all the costs!
(Pages 22)

Locations and parking that will make you stand above competitors. (Page 23)

How to make your sign your best advertisement. (Page 24)

3 factors to consider before you set your hours. (Pages 26-27)

Help deciding how many meals and snacks to serve and what to charge for them.
(Pages 28-29)

5 State requirements to watch out for before your doors ever open. (Page 31)

A Day Care Routine Sample. (Pages 34-35)

Great teaching ideas that both kids and parents love. (Pages 36-38)

Legal requirements you must be aware of. Don't plan your day care without them. (Pages 38-40)

Money! How to figure out your pricing and payment collection methods. (Pages 42-43)

Day care insurance options. (Page 44)

How to report and pay your taxes. (Page 45)

Tips for hiring help. (Pages 46-47)

Advice on selling your day care services to clients. (Pages 47-48)

First aid, advertising, field trips and other things subjects of interest. (Pages 49-50)

and there's a lot more.

As you can see, there are a lot of ins and outs to the day care business.

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PS There's nothing more special in life than raising your children. The best way to make a good salary and stay home with your special little one's is to run a cash-generating day care.

Not only will you give your children the best gift they can receive from a parent, you'll touch the lives of many children. Act today to make sure that dream comes true.