Want to become a table tennis pro, or just have fun with your friends on the weekend? Then you've come to the right place.

How To Become A
Table Tennis Master!

Ping-pong is the nickname and it's no wonder this sport is taking everyone by storm. It's got a little of everything for everyone:


New friends

Exercise (that you love to do!)

Mental challenge

A game you can play anytime, anywhere

That doesn't cost you an arm and leg!

Whether you're brand new to the game, or you've been playing for a couple of years...

No matter if you consider yourself a sharp shooter or wouldn't stake anyone's life on your reflexes... Today, I'll show all of you...

How You Can Jump To
"MASTER Player" Status!

...and impress the daylights out of your friends and challengers.

Greetings Friend,

Want to discover the quickest method for becoming a master table tennis player... that doesn't require years of hard work?

Here's your chance. Now you can put a stop to, or avoid all together the oh-so-common mistakes that beginners make that can roadblock your path to greatness.

Today discover how to...

Get a winners grip on your racket.

A good grip sends deadly hits to your opponent and defends with less work and motion.

(Did you know many players have poor grips? And that can train-wreck your ability to hit certain strokes, use your wrist right, and stop you from ever getting great?)

Hit the ball for killer results.

The strokes you'll discover step-by-step today have wicked spin. Your opponents won't even see 'em comin'!

(Newer players often try to steer the ball, just to make it over the net and on the table, you're setting yourself up to get creamed by the return hit. Start off hitting with a bang, today.)

Uncover official rules you need to know about for tournament and club play.

Don't get caught up in your friends' "house rules".

(You might get a nasty surprise at a tournament or club when your unbeatable serve is ruled illegal by the umpire (maybe, just because you covered the ball for a second.)

Get good playing habits from the start.

(and avoid spending hours trying to rid bad habits you picked up on your own.

Even if you are just playing for fun now, if you ever decide to get more serious you'll be glad you played like a pro from the start.)

Armed with table tennis tips like these, you'll have a strategy to win games every time you play.

And I'm just getting started...

In my special report, "Table Tennis Mastery", you'll discover everything you need to know about table tennis, from beginner status-to professional, all in one easy sit 'n read. All the tools for your ping-pong stardom are in store. Check 'em out, right here...

Meet the game of Table Tennis.
Discover how to play this fun sport. (Page 6)

Impress competitors with your historical game knowledge.

Did you know the ball started out as a rounded out wine cork? Unravel the story behind this fact and many others! (Pages 7-8)

The secret to getting Table Tennis equipment for next to nothing. (Page 8)

Fun, health, brain boosting and many more reasons why ping pong will enrich your life.
(Pages 8-9)

Why you shouldn't buy a table tennis net without checking for this common flaw first. (Page 11)

How to choose the right racket. The most expensive one is not the answer. (Page 11)

4 types of ping pong balls. Find out which ball is best for training, nicest to your wallet, and lasts the longest (the answers may surprise you). (Pages 11-12)

Thinking of buying a "mini" or "compact" ping pong table? Wait. There's something you must consider first. (Page 12)

Table Tennis equipment check list. Make sure you have everything you need to play right.
(Pages 11-13)

How to set up a table tennis match. (Page 13)

A must-read rule overview for both beginners and experienced players.

Did you know that you can jump on top of the ping pong table, but never lay your free hand on it?

And the rules constantly change. Discover more little known rules and where you can find updates. (Pages 15-16)

Paddle no-nos to consider before forking out the dough for one. (Page 16)

Common illegal serve hits you need to be aware of. (Page 17)

Make yourself aware of how ping pong referees judge you in league play. (Page 18)

How to choose sides of the table a player is on and who serves. (Page 19)

Can you hit the ball with your fingers...?

Sometimes actually.

Find out everything you need to know about legal hits. (Page 20)

Tournament tips every table tennis player should know. (Pages 20-21)

A step-by-step guide to playing to win a table tennis game.

Tournament play and official scoring included. (Pages 22-26)

A racket grip that will give you extra strength and quicker response to the ball. (Pages 28-29)

Another grip that helps you block and shut down your rival. (Pages 30-32)

3 more power-boosting, defense-building paddle grips sure to keep your challengers on their toes. (Pages 28-32)

How to score point after point using killer spins on the ball.

Detailed instruction on top, back, left side and right sidespin. (Pages 33-37)

14 strokes you should know: starting with the forehand counter hit. (Pages 38-41)

Strategies for beating 3 player types: attackers, defenders & blockers. (Pages 43-45)

How to develop your greatest playing style based on your strengths and weaknesses. (Pages 46-50)

and there's a lot more.

Table Tennis Is Truly
A Sport For Everyone.

Some people think that ping pong is a sport where the ball is hit so fast that you must have cat-like reflexes to play.

This is wrong. You still can be an AWESOME table tennis player even if you are a little on the slower side.

Once you find out how to place the ball in spots where your challenger can't stroke with full power, you'll cut 'em in half with strategic hit after hit.

That's why my special report will set you on your way to Master Player. Just because you're new to ping pong or have bad playing habits doesn't mean you can't soon be swinging like a pro.

"Table Tennis Mastery" is your fast track to:

Pro-techniques from the start

Good habits from the beginning

The right ping-pong equipment

Tournament Play knowledge

and Winner's Strategies.

With all this knowledge under your belt, from the get-go, you'll

Melt your hard-swinging competitors down by limiting their return hits to you.

Make sure every game betters good ping-pong skills (rather than having to go back and unlearn bad habits).

Have every dollar count towards excellent equipment that works for you (instead of wasting money on rackets and tables you can't use well).

Play tournament style from the beginning so you're ready if you ever decide to go club or pro (avoiding any embarrassing club play moments).

...and best of all, have tons of fun knocking the socks off your friends, family and competitors with your game dominating strategies. Boy, will they be impressed.

How much would it be worth to you to have a personal, sit-down session of master table tennis play? Secrets like these are surely worth more than $150.00. $75.00 would be more than a bargain. But, today, I'm only asking $XX.

And believe me, there's absolutely NO-RISK in this investment.

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