Subject: Your Guide To Buying Life Insurance

“Is It Too Late For You?”

A steady drizzle falls on the somber gathering.  The widow rises and places a single yellow rose on the casket signaling the guests to begin their final goodbyes.  Flanked by her nine year old son and five year old daughter she nods and murmurs a quiet ‘thank you’ to all of well wishers.

She isn’t hearing their words, however, because in the back of her mind amplified by the grief she wonders, “What will happen now?”

It was a mutual decision made over ten years ago.  She and Tom both wanted her to stay home and raise their children.  No babysitters or latchkey kids for them!

Of course, it did place a tremendous burden on their finances.  They cut corners and did without some of the luxuries their friends took for granted.  They were young and had plenty of time to think about life insurance, right?

Tom did have a small life insurance policy from his work, but as she did the mental computations she determined that once this funeral was paid for it wasn’t going to leave them with much more than a month or two of income. 

There was that money in the college funds for the kids, perhaps that would help them get by until she could sharpen up her skills and see what kind of work she could find.  Ten years ago, however, she was just graduated from college and had never really entered the job market.

The house would have to go.  There is no way she could afford the payments without his income.   And, how could she possibly handle the credit card debt on her own when it had been a struggle to make the payments every month?  What about the staggering medical bills?  How is she going to cover that?


While our story is fiction, the reality is that this is a scene that is played out around the globe every single day.  This is one more case of having to face reality.  Don’t think it relates only to the husbands and fathers.  It happens to wives and mothers as well.

Are you anything like our fictional family?  Are you taking a gamble and hoping you can beat the odds?

What can you do?

The first thing you need to do is realize that you MUST have life insurance coverage of some kind, even if only to cover the catastrophic expenses like our fictional family.

Next, you need to get informed!  Most insurance plans are so unwieldy and filled with “legalease” that they make it almost impossible to understand.

That’s where “Guide to Buying Life Insurance” comes in.  This guide is not just another “directory” of insurance providers who are advertising their products.   This is not information from an insurance sales person! 

Written in plain English!

That’s correct!  We have prepared your “Guide to Buying Life Insurance” so that anyone can understand the terminology without a law degree.

Take a look at what you will learn:

§         What are the different types of life insurance

§         Who needs life insurance

§         What is term life insurance and what types are there

§         What are annuities and how do they work

§         What are provisions and exclusions

§         What is a rider

§         How are premiums determined

§         What are dividends

§         What is underwriting

Answers to these and many other questions are right at your fingertips.  Order your copy of “Guide to Buying Life Insurance”

Don’t find yourself in the same situation as our widow.  Take control before it’s too late.  Your family will thank you and you’ll be glad you did.  We guarantee it!

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