Mountain Climbing Do's and Don'ts

How to Have Fun and Stay Safe


Imagine this. Your buddy is explaining just how much fun hes having learning how to climb. The more he talks about it, the more youre your interest is piqued.


Maybe youve been considering more exercise than your getting at your favorite gym. Just the idea of being outdoors and learning new experiences is really tugging at your emotions and sounding better and better.


He invites you to join them on their next outing and you enthusiastically agree and make the arrangements where to meet.


Oops! Now you are committed. You cant back down but in the back of your mind you are having serious issues with your lack of knowledge at the sport.


Sure, your buddy and his friends are experts and will teach you. But, wouldnt it be great if you could have some basic information ahead of time?


Well, you can. Mountain Climbing Do's and Don'ts is just what you need to get basic information about the sport and hone your expertise before your event. Heck, the worse thing that can happen is that you learn what questions to ask before the fact!


It really doesnt matter if your only experience with climbing was falling out of the backyard oak tree when you were ten years old! Everybody has to start somewhere and Mountain Climbing Do's and Don'ts will give you the basic information you need.


Take a look at whats inside:  

  Planning an Outing What you should know before you even start.

  Mountain Hazards It isnt just the altitude that can be challenging. Learn what else you need to know!

  Navigating the Wilderness What is one of the biggest mistakes that new hikers make?

  Weather in the Mountains Sunny and freezing? Learn how to avoid inclement weather.

  Rating Systems for Climbing Learn to spot the characteristics of an individual mountain and whether you should even consider climbing it.

  Climbing Ropes When they say lifeline they really, really mean it!

  Rock Climbing Equipment It isnt just all about ropes. Discover what other equipment is absolutely necessary.

  Rappelling Hanging off a cliff sound like fun? Learn more about it.

  Rock Climbing Not quite the same as climbing mountains but close.

  Climbing on Snow and Ice So, you are looking for a bit more of a challenge?

  Setting Up a Base Camp For the serious overnighters and beyond.

  Mountaineering Nutrition Good eats makes for a healthier climber.

  Physical Training for Mountaineers Dont even try it unless you are fit. Find out why.

  First Aid in the Wilderness Murphys Law can apply even at eight thousand feet. What you need to know.

  Traveling on a Glacier Way beyond just snow and ice.  

Now, common sense will tell you that you are not going to tackle Mt. Everest after reading Mountain Climbing Do's and Don'ts.


What it will do is prepare you for the outing with your buddy and his group. And, it just might help you create a new hobby that you can enjoy for years.


Grab your copy now and be prepared for a safe and fun outing with your friends!