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Traveling Cross-Country And Stopping At Various Parks
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“RV” Can Mean A Lot Of Things – Which One Is Right For You?

The term “recreational vehicle” or RV usually calls to mind a motorhome, perhaps a Winnebago brand, specifically. It’s a large vehicle in which the living space and the driver’s seat are all part of the same structure, rather than having the “car” part towing the “living” part. Many people, especially retirees, live in motorhomes full-time, touring the country and enjoying their mobile lifestyle. RV parks have sprouted up all over the country, offering traveling recreational vehicle enthusiasts a place to stop and rest, hook up to electrical posts, and even use the Internet.

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From: Firstname Lastname
RE: Many People Need Guidance When It Comes To
         All The Ups And Downs Of The "I Want My Home On Wheels NOW" Blues
         And Not Getting Bogged Down With Extra Details You Won't Need!

SO! What Are You Waiting For?!

Today’s motorhomes or recreational vehicles have all the comforts of home. If your wallet can afford it, they come with plasma TVs, washers and dryers, ceramic tile floors, granite countertops, and with spaces that are professionally designed.

When you are considering the purchase of a new motorhome there are some of the same considerations you have when purchasing a new car. Remember, a dealer can take advantage of an uneducated customer. Do your homework. Know how much you should be paying before you visit the dealership. Ask to see the MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) for the vehicle. Remember, dealers receive nice incentives from manufacturers, so they have a 15% to 35% mark-up. A lot of dealers are your best friends while you’re buying the motorhome. Once they’ve sold you the motorhome they don’t want to be bothered.

An RV hire also grants you the freedom to see your chosen destination at your own pace, rather than being at the mercy of group tours. You can choose your own places of interest, map your own itinerary, and function on your own schedule. Bus and train schedules mean nothing to do when you’re at the wheel of an RV. Want to spend a few extra hours at a location you hadn’t expected to find interesting? No problem. Your vehicle and mobile hotel room are ready to go when you are. So, if you’re thinking of taking a scenic road trip, consider using an RV. Hire one for this vacation and you might find yourself buying one in the future.

Above all, REMEMBER... This does not have to be a HIGH COST decision! You can get into RVing in a 34 foot used Class A motorhome for under $10,000.

But SERIOUSLY... Are you a bit concerned that you cannot do this? Do you worry that you don't know enough about the RV industry, overall... or aren't confident enough to take on some step-by-step projects that would make even a used RV, a real solution for you?

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Think For One Moment What The Information In This Book Will Do
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This May Very Well Provide You That Extra Inch Of Security,
To Face The Oncoming Economic Challenges!

You’ll Be An Expert In "I OWN This Home AND MY SOUL, And Nobody Can Take It Away 101" in NO TIME AT ALL. YOU have the ability to take the necessary steps to create a sane, peaceful LIFESTYLE, from your corner of the world, and to do this very patiently and with growing skill and knowledge, which will help you in these very tough times. Choosing the best RV, products, and actions are really pretty simple processes, especially once you have learned the step-by-step basics.

Just Look At What This Powerful Little Book Includes!

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• Vacations Are Not A Time To Waste Money On Unnecessary Service Or Items, But Rather A Time To Research Your Trip And Plan To Save As Much Money As You Can. If This Sounds Like Your Approach To Vacationing, You May Want To Consider A Road Trip And Even Better, RV Vacation. Road Trips Are One Of The Best Vacations In Which Saving Money Is Easier, And RVs Offer The Most Convenient Transportation Choice For Travel On Road Trips.

RVs Come In A Variety Of Sizes You Can Purchase, And Which One You Should Choose Depends On The Number Of People Traveling And The Types Of Accommodations You Desire. One Of The Benefits Of An RV Is That You Will Save Money On Lodging During Every Trip. You Will Also Be Able To Take More Personal Items From Home When Traveling In An RV, As Compared To Traveling In Your Car!

For long-term or fulltime nomadic lifestyles, a full-size motorhome provides optimum comfort, convenience and all-round security. No towing is involved, while driving and parking is a breeze (except in very narrow streets and parking lots). Making camp, and moving off in the morning, is the easiest of all possible options!

If you are fed up with the Suburbia Rat Race, why don’t you consider
Getting involved in the "Happy Camper" RV Lifestyle?

Remember: The Secret To Winning At
The "We Are Gypsies, We Are Snowbirds" Game
Is Not Rocket Science!

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