Discover How To Make Huge Profits From Your Own Software Product, Even If You Don't Know The First Thing About Product Creation


Dear New Software Marketer,

Chances are you never in a million years imagined that you could make huge profits from owning (yes owning) and selling your own software.

Surely it takes thousands of dollars, years at university or technical school, and a genius-like knowledge of programming languages to even get started as a software seller, let alone a software product owner?

Well yes - possibly years ago that was the case, but times are changing and smart marketers are realizing that's it's now possible for anyone, regardless of race, background or financial status to make an absolute killing by developing and selling their own software products.

And best of all you can do it...

>> With no previous software experience

>> Even if you have no idea about how software works

>> Even if you wouldn't recognize HTML if someone hit you with it!



Did you know that as you read this, fortunes are being made selling software by people who struggle to program the DVD player?

I'm not kidding - some of the richest people in software are NOT techies - they're just ordinary people who do what the majority of people online never do - they simply ACT and by doing so, start the ball rolling to generate impressive income streams  -  selling software that THEY OWN.

Welcome to 'Software PLR Phantom'

Why 'Phantom'?

Because the big earners in this game move silently through the shadows, and quietly watch as their bank balance grows through their software ideas. They are the richest people you've never heard of.

PLR (Private Label Rights) is usually associated with information products - articles, ebooks etc. And quite rightly so - using PLR is a great way to make money online. PLR basically means you can alter and adapt the product in any way you wish, which includes changing the title and look of the product, and even putting YOUR name on as the product creator or owner.

Now if you think about PLR in terms of software, you'll find yourself looking directly into the money machine, because very few people have realized how HUGELY profitable PLR software is, which is great news for me and you because it means this massively under-exploited market is just ripe for the plucking.

PLR Phantom will show you how to go about finding software PLR products, and how to adapt it to exploit the huge software market.

We'll show you how to take full ownership (perfectly legally) of  PLR software products , and even how to create your OWN software product from just tiniest of ideas, so you own the full rights and can do whatever you like with it - sell it - license to others to sell - build a membership site around it - basically do anything you wish, and bring floods of payments into your bank account as you go.

What's more - you don't need any experience or technical skill whatsoever to start earning from your software products in the shortest possible time

If you've always struggled to make money online for whatever reason - too much competition, lack of experience, not knowing how to create products, then PLR Phantom could be the information you've been waiting for.

We'll show you:

>> How to find the right software for the right market

>> What the pitfalls are and how to avoid them

>> How to check that you can safely and legally alter software

>> Exactly where to find any help you might need

>> Why this is a HUGE virtually untapped market just waiting for you

>> How to split software products to greatly increase your income

>> How to protect your software products from others

>> The different ways to profit from PLR software

>> How to take the next step AFTER using PLR software and create your own software products.

>> How to find out what kind of software is most in demand and what won't sell at all

>> A great way around any support issues

 >> How to actually find PLR software

>> Examples of software currently on the market

>> How to get others to do most of the work for you

and much more......

I sincerely believe that this is one of the best areas to make money online at present. Other niches are becoming saturated or dying out, but software has always been one of the less crowded parts of internet marketing.

I'll be honest and say I'm not sure why that is, but I'd guess it's because most newcomers to internet marketing won't go near it because they think it's too complicated and difficult to get into.

Actually nothing is further from the truth. After a short learning curve (in fact I'd say after you've done it ONCE), you'll realize the massive potential of PLR software and should be able to repeat the process as many times as you wish. 

FACT: Some of the best known and best selling software in Internet Marketing started life as PLR

I kid you not - I could name software that I guarantee you've heard of if you're involved in the Internet Marketing niche - you possibly even use it YOURSELF - that has made tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars for the smart marketers who have seen the potential of a little piece of PLR software and put their own name on it.

PLR software that probably cost under $100, can be sold for ten, twenty, thirty times that amount, not to mention recurring income from membership sites, affiliate programs, bolt on software and the rest (why do you think with most software version 1 is replaced by version 2 etc? - sure it's contains improvements, but it's also because people upgrade because that's what we've been taught to do)

It's cash on demand for the software owner - and that could be you.

I'm going to leave it there because it's time to make your mind up -

I'll just end by saying again that if you've always struggled to make money online, this might be the information you've been waiting for.....

Can you afford NOT to check out this possibility?

I look forward to your success